RAA Approved Repairer - Crash Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repair

Southern Collision Repairs can repair your damaged alloy wheels. Whether a rim needs re-rolling as a result of impact damage or needs refinishing due to gutter rash we repair alloy wheels to AS NEW condition and can paint them in a range of colours and finishes to match including shadow chrome.

The Repair Process
First, we clean the wheels to remove all dirt, silicon and brake dust. Next we remove damage using specialised tools. the Wheel is then put through different sanding phases to achieve a smooth finish. The wheel is blown off and cleaned using a wax and grease remover and masked up ready for painting. Our highly trained technician matches the colour for your wheel before applying a primer and then the paint to the wheel. A clear coat is applied over the paint for a high quality finish. We use only the highest quality paint products ensuring a high quality finish and maximum wear for your repair. After the clear coating, the masking is be removed and your repair is complete. The car can be driven immediately providing it is not raining.