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Windscreen Repair & Replacement

A windscreen chip can be caused by airborne rocks, debris, or storms. The chipped glass can affect the safety of your driving.
A windscreen chip can cause a weak spot in the glass. This may cause the windscreen to be susceptible to future chips or cracks at or near the chipped area, forcing you to replace the windscreen rather than repairing it.
The weak integrity of the glass may cause cracks to form from vibrations or other collisions. Temperature changes play a large role in exacerbated windscreen problems. Your windscreen’s glass and frame expands and contracts from temperature fluctuations and this puts stress on weak points like windscreen chips.
When the stress on the glass becomes great enough, cracks can develop at the chipped site. The windscreen is then at a greater risk of shattering. Keeping an eye on windscreen chips may help alert you to a growing problem. But repairing chips as they occur reduces the likelihood of future incidents. 
Southern Collision Repairs can repair or replace your damaged windscreen. Where a repair is not appropriate or safe we will advise you of the cost to replace it.