The links in red will connect you directly to the emergency operator, Police or the SA central towing authority.
When a tow truck comes to collect your vehicle, tell them you'd like it taken to Southern Collision Repairs in Seaford, Adelaide. 

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THREE IMPORTANT steps to remember after a car crash

Step 1 Immediate Action

• Stop and pull over. Failing to stop at the scene of an accident is against the law.

• Check for dangerous or flammable liquids.

• Check for serious injuries, do not attempt to move anyone seriously injured unless they are at risk of further injury.

• If possible move vehicles out of traffic and safely to the side of the road.

Call 000 if anyone is injured or 131 444 if police assistance is required.

Step 2Before you leave the scene of the accident

  • Exchange details with anyone involved in the accident, including:

• Drivers name. address and contact number.

• Name, address and contact number of the vehicle owner and insurance company details.

• Vehicle make, model and registration number.

Record the following details:

• Date, time and location of the accident.

• Name, address and contact numbers of any witnesses.

• Brief description of damage to vehicles and any other property damage.

Do not drive an unroadworthy vehicle. Police are able to arrange towing if required. Ask for your vehicle to be towed directly to Burns & Hanson Motor Body Repairs.

Step 3 – Contact Burns & Hanson Motor Body Repair Shop.

  • At Burns & Hanson we can assist you in lodging your insurance claim and manage the repair process for you. 

We can provide you with an itemised estimate listing the necessary parts and labour needed to restore your car to the manufacturers specifications.

direct phone links

Central Towing Authority: 8231 5555

Police attendance: 131 444